4×6 inch prints from 35mm slides


4×6 inch prints from slides. This is a 1200 dpi scan per slide or negative that you mail to me.  The scan is taken to Walgreens and printed to 4×6 inch size glossy photo paper. That’s a lot of time for a cheap price. Count how many slides or negatives you’ll be sending and then add to cart. Mail to my address below.


4×6 inch prints from your slides or negatives.  This price includes a 1200 dpi scan, and a trip to Walgreens to print the 4×6 for you. That’s a lot of time for a cheap price.
Please scroll down to the USB drive and add one if you don’t send one with your slides. The USB is necessary to mail your images to you and to get the prints made.

George Konold
Konold Kreations
13328 Center Ave.
Largo, FL 33773

8×10 inch prints

5×7 inch prints

For color slides from digital images, please visit my other website:  ColorSlides.com

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